The helper you need for Guns of Glory



    • Download and install Android emulator Nox Player  :  https://www.bignox.com
    • Open Nox emulator, install Guns of Glory and add all your accounts in the game
      Important : You must set this settings in the game for all accounts :
      - "Language" must be English
      - "Game Settings > Environment Details" must be OFF
      - "Game Settings > Kingdom Map Visual Effects" must be 2D
      Note : Multiple accounts rotation in same emulator instance only works with google accounts
    • Disable auto-update apps in Google Play
      1. Open the Google Play Store app and tap on the 3-bar menu icon on the top left. Then scroll down and choose Settings.
      2. In the Play Store settings, tap Auto-update apps.
      3. Select the option: Do not auto-update apps
      Note : New versions of the game can cause the bot to malfunction in the execution of the actions and therefore must be updated manually. When the bot is not optimized for the version of the game installed you will be notified.
    • Download and install GoGbot!  :  DOWNLOAD LINK
      Note : You will be prompt on startup to Register/Login your GoGbot! user account, new accounts will start the 3 days trial period immediately.
    • Add your Guns of Glory accounts to GoGbot! in the menu "Accounts Quick Menu" or "Accounts"
      Important : The account name in GoGbot! must be equal to the in game Nickname
    • Press Start!
      Note : GoGbot! will automatically start the emulator if closed

    • Open "Nox multi-instance manager" to create and setup the desired emulator instances
      Tip : You can simplify the setup process by duplicating the default instance after installing GoG
    • Open GoGbot! and open the "Accounts" menu. For each account in the "Settings" tab you can select the desired emulator instance
    • Now you have two options :
      - Press Start and GoGbot! single instance will work with all the emulator instanteces configured at the same time
      - Open GoGbot! multiple times, one for each emulator instance. In each GoGbot! opened manually active only the corresponding accounts or use the option "Active only the accounts for emulator instance < name >" in the menu "Accounts Quick Menu" and Press Start. Now each GoGbot! instance will only run his active accounts in the corresponding emulator instance

      Note : GoGbot! will automatically start the corresponding emulator instance for the active accounts if closed